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/ Jack Johnson / In Between Dreams (2005) / Staple It Together bass tab

This is a simple groove with a cool sound to it.

Staple It Together
Jack Johnson
In Between Dreams

As preformed by Merlo Podlewski



Jack Johnson albums
2005 In Between Dreams
2003 Thicker Than Water: Original Soundtrack
2003 On and On
2001 Brushfire Fairytales
In Between Dreams tabs
01Better Together tabbass tab
02Never Know tabbass tab
03Banana Pancakes tabbass tab
04Good People tabbass tab
05No Other Way tabbass tab
06Sitting, Waiting, Wishing tabbass tab
07Staple It Together tabbass tab
08Situations tabbass tab
09Crying Shame tabbass tab
10If I Could tabbass tab
11Breakdown tabbass tab
12Belle tabbass tab
13Do You Remember tabbass tab
14Constellations tabbass tab