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/ Jimi Hendrix / Experience Hendrix (The Best Of) [CD 1] (2000) / Freedom bass tab

Freedom by Jimi Hendrix
downtune the E string a half step

b = bend string
h = hammer on

When the bass comes in, a long descension of notes is played.  I think it's the entire
scale of the song played backwards.  I don't know how to make the scale though.
Something similar to:
G |53----------|
D |--5431------|
A |------31----|

   1st verse riff    Bridge
G |----------------|---------3-5-|
D |----------------|-1-3-4-5-----|
A |3-1-3-------1-3-|3-3-3-3------|

   chorus intro                chorus riff
G |---------------------------|--------------|
D |----------------------4--2-|--------------|
A |-----3--646-3------3-------|-----3--646-3-|

   2nd/4th verse riff
G |---------------|
D |---------------|
A |--1-3-----13---|

   3rd verse intro      3rd verse riff
G |-------------------|-----------------|
D |-------------1-4-7-|-------------9b-7|
A |---------1-3-------|68---------------|

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