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/ Rage Against The Machine / Rage Against The Machine (1992) / Township Rebellion bass tab

Band: Rage Against The Machine
Album: Self-Titled
Song: Township Rebellion
Tuning: Drop D (G, D, A, D)
This Correction By: Niall 'Uncle Clitsta' ( 
formally known as clitz
Previously Tabbed by: R. Allen Canterbury
Note: someone requested it on BTA, I thought wtf? coz it was already there
but there was some mistakes.
What a lot of people dont realise is that Tim uses a lot of bass chords.

Canterbury's Note:-
This is a pretty cool song, but it sounds kinda weird with the bendy thing
going on at the beginning.  What I call Fig 1. is something that sounds like
it might fit w/ the song.  I don't know if the guitar plays that part w/ an
octaver or not.  5b means fret 5, pluck, bend up 1/2 step.  Listen to the song
to get the rhythm of that part.  You may want to use light distortion too 
(which leads me to believe the guitar plays that part.).  If the guitar does
actually play Fig 1., then the bass just rests during those parts.

~   - Let Note Ring
/   - Slide
(2) - Ghoste Note
2.  - Staccato
3h5 - Hammer On
7   = Bass
5   = Chord
5b  = Bend (1/2 step in this song)

   intro                Fig 1 *With Distortion and Filter 
    Fig 2.


                                          Gtr. Solo

            Fig 3                          (x3)

                            (x?)                    (x8)

Outro (Last 3 Bars)


>From Clitsta!

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