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/ White Stripes / Elephant (2003) / In the Cold, Cold Night bass tab

Tabbed by Maninakis Andreas (Fteo)       I                       I

This song is one of the two songs in the album that
a woman is singing.I'm not sure if she's the drummer.Please tell me if anyone
knows what kind of relationship is there between the drummer and the guitarist.
I heard that they have a brother & sister relationship and also that they're a
couple.Who knows?Anyway, enough chit-chat here it goes:

First starts playing the guitar riff and then bass comes in with verse

G |----------------|
D |----------------|
A |----------------|
D |0---3---5---7---|

Sometimes like at 0:22 goes like this
G |--------|
D |--------|
A |--------|
D |7---5---|
and then continues with verse

G |----------------------------------------|
D |----------------------------------------|
A |----------------------------------------|
D |0---0---0---0---5---5---0---0---7---5---|
and then continues with verse

G |--------------------------------|
D |--------------------------------|
A |--------------------------------|
D |0--5-3--0--5-3--0--5-3--5---3---|
and then continues & ends with verse

That's it! Easy to play and a nice song to play unplugged with friends(Of course
someone has to know how to play it with a guitar!)Enjoy!!!

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