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/ The Beatles / Revolver (1966) / Love You To guitar tab

Love you to
(by George Harrsion, 1966)
(from Revolver)

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|C                       |        |              |    
Each day just goes so fast I turn around it's past
          |              |             |            |           |
You don't get time to hang a sign on me

  |Bb                C |Bb      C     | Bb             C  | Bb
  Love me while you can         Before I'm a dead old man

|C                      |               |                       |          
Each day time is so short         A new one can't be bought
        |                 |              |
But what you've got means such a lot to me 

  |Bb                C |Bb        C| Bb                     C  | Bb
  Make love all day long            Make love sing-ing a song

|C                       |                 |                 |          
Each day ple standing round    Who'll screw you in the ground
        |                 |              |
They'll fill you in with all their sins you'll see

  |Bb                C |Bb         C| Bb            C  | Bb
  I'll make love to you             If you want me to 

...... A bunch of Sitar solo......

  |Bb                C |Bb        C| Bb                     C  | Bb
  Make love all day long            Make love sing-ing a song

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