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/ Heather Nova / Glow Stars (1993) / Spirit in You guitar tab

Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 00:50:54 +0000
From: Brian McElwain 
Subject: n/nova_heather/spirit_in_you.crd

Heather Nova
"Spirit In You"
from Glow Stars

Tabbed by Brian McElwain

Dsus2: x00230

The rhythm figure for the intro, as well as the chorus, is a simple
but very catchy riff on Am:


Chords for the verse are as follows:

F          Em        C           Am
Under your skin...

F          Em        Dsus2

F          Em        C           Am

F          Em        Dsus2


although this part just alternated between Am and C, it sounds more
like the recording (and just really cool) if you throw in a B note
on the A string, like this:

      Am      C

then for the last line of the pre-chorus, switch to just Dsus2.

For the chorus, repeat the intro rhythm figure.  The bridge is the
same as the pre-chorus, just follow the Am/C alternation, up until
this part:

Am                  Em
So close your eyes...

Am                  Em

Am                  Em

Am                  Dsus2

Then switch back to the pre-chorus.  This is one of Heather's most
amazing songs, so I hope you enjoy it.  Improvements / corrections
welcome.  And if anyone else has heather tabs, PLEASE POST!  Thanks!

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