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/ Heather Nova / Storm (2003) / Fool for You guitar tab

Song: "Fool For You"
Album: "Storm"
Written by Heather Nova
tabbed by Druuf

F*= XX3211
G*= XX5433

(There's no guitar here, just the piano playing)
C Em F G x2

[Verse 1]

C                                           Em
You came into my life I don't think that you meant to
   F                                    G
Standing in the doorway I was trying to walk through
C                                        Em
Like an Angel or the Devil I could never quite say
F                 G
It doesn't matter anyway


C                   Em
'cause ohhhhh I'm a fool for you
F              G
I'm a fool for you
C                         Em
Open my heart and let the wind blow through
F              G
I'm a fool for you

[Verse 2]

You can tell me anything and honey I believe
'cause when you keep me hanging it only feeds the dream
I'm never gonna reach you, your a distant shore
But you atill got me, coming back for more


F*                      G*   F*          G*
Ooohhhhhhhh and let the wind blooooow throoouughhhhhhh

[Verse 3]

And now the snow is falling all the roads are gone
The Earth is moving and I'm moving on
I have so much to tell you but no words to say
It doesn't matter anyway

[Chorus] x2

End on C

This is a really beautyful song.
I hope you enjoy it


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