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/ Jimi Hendrix / Experience Hendrix (The Best Of) [CD 1] (2000) / Angel guitar tab

Transcription by Max
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Guitar tuned down 1/2 step:

Intro                             F#    C#6     G#m

           B  E                     C#  B   C#    B   D F#

  G#       A#       B  Bsus  E F#m7 C  A   D  D# E


F#      C#6                              G#m
Angel came down from heaven yesterday

B                                   E   
Stayed with me just long enough to rescue me....

F#         C#6                  G#m                
And she told me a story yesterday

B                        E         
About the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea

B                           D              F#
The she spread her wings high over me....she said

G#m               A#m                 
I'll come back again to see you tomorrow

B     Bsus
      And I said


E                       F#m7/E            
Fly on my sweet angel

C    A    D        D#  E
Fly on through the sky

E                       F#m7/E   
Fly on my sweet angel

C             A              D   D#      E
Tomorrow I'm 'gonna be by your side

Sure enough to this woman came home to me
Silver wings silhouetted against a child's sunrise
And my angel she said unto me
today is the day for you to rise
Take my hand come you're gonna be my man
and she took me high over yonder

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