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/ Neil Young / Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969) / Cowgirl In The Sand guitar tab


(via HyperRust)

* Riff #1, at the song's introduction, is TABed.
* Each time played, Riff #1 is different.  But I have not
  TABed the riff for each variation.
* Riff #2 is also slightly different each time but only one
  variation is TABed.
* The individual notes are played within the strum of the chord,
  with bass part of the chord being strummed sort of alternating 
  with the TABed notes. Down stroke is accentuated.

TUNING: down 1 step (DGCFAD)

D ----0-------2------0------1-------0-------3---------
A ----1-------3------1------1-------1-------0---------
F ----2-------2------2------2-------0-------0---------
C ----2----0---------2------3-------2-------0---------
G -0--------------0---------3----3----------2---------
D -----------------------1---------------3------------
      Am      D      Am     F       C       G

RIFF #1:
D ----------------------------------------------------
A -------0h1--1--3p1--0-----------1----1-----1--0-----
F -----------------------0----------0----0------------
C ----------------------------------------------------
G -0--0-----------------------------------------------
D --------------------------1--1----------------------
   Am ------------------->  Fmaj7------------------>

D ------------------0----------------0-------------------
A -------0h1--1--3----------------1-----1----------------
F ---------------------------0h2-----------2-----0h2-----
C --------------------------------------------3-------3--
G -0--0--------------------------------------------------
D ------------------------1------------------------------
   Am -------------->     Fmaj7----------------------->

D ----------------------------------------1-----------
A -------0h1--1--3p1--0----------------1-----1--------
F -----------------------0--------0h2--------------0--
C ----------------------------------------------3-----
G -0--0-----------------------------------------------
D --------------------------1--1----------------------
   Am ------------------->  F---------------------->

D -----------------------------------------------1-0--
A -------0h1--1--3p1--0-------------------1-----------
F -----------------------0--------0h2--------0--------
C -------------------------------------3--------------
G -0--0-----------------------------------------------
D --------------------------1--1----------------------
   Am ------------------->  Fmaj7------------------>

Am                    F
Hello cowgirl in the sand
Am                        F
Is this place at your command
 C     G        Fmaj7   G
Can I stay here for awhile
 C     G       Fmaj7         G
Can I see your sweet sweet smile

Dm7   Em7          C           F
Old enough now to change your name
     Dm7      Em7        C       F
When so many love you is it the same
Its the woman in you that makes you want to
 C   Cmaj7 F   Riff2 then Riff1(a&b only afer 1st verse)
Play this game

 Am                F
Hello ruby in the dust
Am                      F
Has your band begun to rust
 C     G      Fmaj7     G
After all the sin we've had
C      G          Fmaj7      G
I was hoping that we'd turn bad

 Am                 F
Hello woman of my dreams
Am                       F
Is this not the way it seems
 C      G         Fmaj7      G
Purple words on a gray background
C        G           Fmaj7      G
To be a woman and to be turned down

RIFF #2: (Verse 1&2 only)
D ---3/5---3-0--------------1--1--0------------0--0----1----3--
A -------------3-----1------1--1--1------------3--3----1----0--
F ----------------0----0h2--2--2--0-------0-2--0--0----2----0--
C --------------------------3--3--2--0h2-------2--2----3----0--
G --------------------------3--3--3------------2--2----3----2--
D --------------------------1--1--3------------0--0----1----3--
			    F  F  C           Em7Em7   F    G

RIFF #2: (last time)
D ---3/5---3-0--------------1--1--0------------0--0----0--
A -------------3-----1------1--1--1------------3--3----2--
F ----------------0----0h2--2--2--0------------0--0----2--
C --------------------------3--3--2--0h2-------2--2----2--
G --------------------------3--3--3-------3----2--2----0--
D --------------------------1--1--3------------0--0-------
			    F  F  C           Em7Em7   A

D ----0----1----0------0----3----5----7---1-----------
A ----1----1----1------1----0----6----8---3----------
F ----2----2----2------0----0----5----7---2---------
C ----2----3----3------2----0----7----9---0----------
G ----0----3----3------3----2----5----7-------------
D ---------1----1-----------3----5----7-------------
      Am   F    Fmaj7  C    G   Dm7  Em7  Dm

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