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/ Neil Young / Neil Young (1969) / I've Been Waiting For You guitar tab


SUBMITTED BY: Malc Brookes
(via HyperRust)

There are ad lib embellishments to some of the chords, such as...
The D9 (xx0210) has occasional F# and G (on the
high E string) added, especially as one of the most notable
things for me is the top E droning almost throughout.
I like the idea of the Em7 too, which also has some
embellishments, the occasional C and D notes thrown
in on the B string. 

Am    x02210	Am7   x02010
Am7/G 3x2010	D9/F# 2x0210
D9/F  1x0210	Dsus2 xx0230
D9    xx0210	Fmaj7 133210
C     x32010	Em7   020000

INTRO: (x2)
Dsus2 / / / Am7 / / /
Fmaj7 / / / Am7 / Am /

	  Am            D9    C          D9
I've been looking for a woman to save my life
Fmaj7     Em7       Fmaj7  Em7
   Not to beg or to borrow
  Am             D9      C                   D9
A woman with the feeling   of losing once or twice
Fmaj7       Em7             Fmaj7     Em7
  Who knows how could it be tomorrow?

	  Am             Am/G
I've been waiting for you
		D9/F#        D9/F
And you've been coming to me
	   Dsus2         Am7
For such a long time now
       Fmaj7          Am7  Am
Such a long time now.

INSTRUMENTAL: (chords as verse)

I've been waiting for you
And you've been coming to me
For such a long time now
Such a long time now.

Repeat last two lines to fade

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