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/ Oasis / Morning Glory (What's The Story) (1995) / Roll With It guitar tab

From the album "(What's the Story) Morning Glory?"
and single Roll With It
Chords used:
A	(x02220)
Asus4	(x02230)
Asus2	(x02200)
Cadd9   (x3003x) 
G/B	(x2003x)
D	(xx0232)
D7	(xx0212)
C9	(x3233x)
F	(x33211)
G	(3x0033)	
D7  C9  G        D7  C9  G       D7  C9  G    D7  C9  A  
(The "A" is followed by quickly playing : A Asus2 A Asus4 A Asus2 A)
Verse 1
You gotta roll with it, you gotta take it slow, 
you gotta say what you say, don't let anybody get in your way,
Cadd9      G/B     Asus4	  G
 'coz it's all too much for me to take
Don't ever stand aside, don't ever be denied,
you wanna be who'd be if you're coming with me
  Cadd9            G/B          Asus4
I think I've got a feeling I've lost inside
  Cadd9           G/B      Asus4
I think I'm gonna take me away and hide
    Cadd9       G/B         D             G
I'm thinking of things that I just can't abide
  F					   G
I know the roads down which your life will drive
  F				     G
I found the key that lets you slip inside
F 				   G
kiss the girl she's not behind the door
I know I think I recognize your face
         C                D
but I've never seen you before
tab for the end of chorus:
  but I've never seen you before
D----------2----------------0------------------  p= pull off to sound next 
A----------3--------------------3---2p0-2------			      note
Verse 2
Verse again
The song ends with the lines "I think I've got a feeling I've lost inside" 
repeated a bunch of times, accompanied by the chords Cadd9 G/B and Asus4
and  the song ends with the chords  Cadd9  G/B  D   G.

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