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/ Oleander / February Son (1999) / I Walk Alone guitar tab

   Album: February Son 

   This song isn't incredibly difficult, of course i'm 
   probably making it much simpler than it actually is... 
   i don't have the solo stuff, if someone much better 
   than me could tab those out i'd be very 

   this song is pretty self-explanitory so i'll just give 
   the main chords: 

   The VERSES: 


   the verses just repeat that over and over again, for 
   the intro verse it's clean and i think there are some 
   higher strings added in, try some corresponding bar 
   chords...for the rest of the song it's palm muted 


   PART A 
   (just play this over and over again) 

   on the first pre-chorus it does this, every other time 
   it just hits the 4x6 chord over and over 

   then it goes back into part A and goes straight to: 

   this is my favorite part of the song, and it's fun to 
   play, i'm going to give the four main chords and you 
   can pick up the patterns from the CD 


   that's about one point part of the pre-chorus 
   goes right back into the verse, but you should be able 
   to pick it up... 

   there's a little riff that goes on on top of the 
   verses...i'm not exactly sure of the exact patterns, 
   but the notes are here 


   again here it is, not perfect, but something to start 
   on...if someone's got the solo's please post them or 
   send them to 


   "One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. 
   How he got in my pajamas, I don't know." 
   --Captain Jeffrey Spaulding 
   'Animal Crackers', 1930 

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