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/ Oleander / February Son (1999) / You'll Find Out guitar tab

Song: “You’ll Find Out”
Performer: Oleander
Album: February Son

tune guitar low-high: Db, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb

feedback then
Drum beat intro. then--
A.                             Ab               G               A
               even if you turn    sweep it all aside under the rug
                          Ab                             G
nothing ventured, nothing gained but your problems still remain

chorus chords: F#     D     F#     D   F#    D

A                   Ab                      G                    A
if your living in denial afraid to face yourself  wasted all the time
                      Ab                       G                       
when I look into your eyes   I see something inside of you that was
once inside of me
                       Ab                       G
and I ‘ve been there before  I nearly lost my wife, my friends and more

chorus:(play chorus chords)
you’ll find out sooner or later--4x

addtional words (play with verse 1 chords)

if your lifes become a mess and put you to the test just like all the
when I look into your eyes I see some thing inside of you


bridge:  E,   E^F#,   D       F#    D   F#    D

solo: play chorus chords

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