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/ R.E.M. / Automatic For The People (1992) / Everybody Hurts guitar tab

Everybody Hurts -- REM
As recorded on "Automatic for the People"

Originally transcribed by Scott A. Yanoff 
Edited by John S. Jacob 


D   x x 0 2 3 2
G   3 2 0 0 3 3
Em  x 2 2 0 0 0
A   x 0 2 2 2 0
F#  2 4 4 3 2 2
Bm  x 2 4 4 3 2
C   x 3 2 0 1 0
C/B x 2 x 0 1 0
Am  x 0 2 2 1 0

Picking pattens:

     D                           G

     Em                          A

Intro:  D   G   D   G

D                      G          D
  When your day is long and the night
                     G   D
The night is yours alone

                             G              D
When you're sure you've had enough of this life

          G walk-down (see below)
Well hang on

     G           walk-down
hang on

Em                    A  Em
   Don't let yourself go

                A     Em
Cause everybody cries
              A     (tacit)
And everybody hurts

 D        G

                        D     G
Sometimes everything is wrong

Now it's time to sing along

                         G      D
When your day is night alone
                     (hold on, hold on)
                         G     D
If you feel like letting go
                     (hold on)

                            G             D
If you think you've had too much of this life

          G walk-down
Well hang on

Em                 A     Em
   Cause everybody hurts

                       A     Em
Take comfort in your friends

Everybody hurts

F#                   Bm  F#
   Don't throw your hand

      Bm F#                   Bm  C
Whoa now    don't throw your hand

                          G   C               C/B   Am  (tacit)
If you feel like you're alone no no no you're not alone

D                   G            D
  If you're on your own in this life

                         G   D
The days and nights are long

                             G              D
When you think you've had too much of this life

        G walk-down
To hang on

Em                A      Em
   Well everybody hurts sometimes

          A     Em
Everybody cries

              A     (tacit)
And everybody hurts

 D        G

              D      G
But everybody hurts sometimes

    D       G       D       G
So hold on hold on hold on hold on

 D       G       D       G
Hold on hold on hold on hold on

          D     G   D   G
Everybody hurts

              D   G   D   G   D   G
You are not alone

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