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/ The Rolling Stones / Exile on Main St. (1972) / Ventilator Blues guitar tab

Artist:Rolling Stones
Song:Ventilator Blues
Album:Exile on Main Street

Standard Tuning

Guitar 1 main riff

Optional Guitar 2 main riff

X = hit strings with right hand or heavy palm muting

^ = bend ˝

Guitar 2 during chorus

Gm               Bb            F
Ain't nobody slowing down no way
      C                      (main riff) 2x
Everybody’s stepping on their accelerator
Gm           Bb
Don't matter where you are
F                  C
Everybody’s gonna need a ventilator

Main riff

Gm                    Bb F
Everybody walking 'round
                     C         (main riff) 2x
Everybody trying to step on their Creator
Gm                      Bb  F
Don't matter where you are
Everybody, everybody gonna need

Guitar 1 Solo (coming soon)

Guitar 2 Main riff to end

Some kind of ventilator (randomly said to end)

Sweet riff. Solo coming soon. Please rate. Peace.

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