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/ Scissor Sisters / Scissor Sisters (2004) / Music Is the Victim guitar tab

Music Is The Victim

Intro: F (hammer on G# accordingly as it happens in the song)

Verses:                              F
        I Left my heart in San Fransisco........
    ....the people there where dancing on it..........
 .....and thats including Ms Matronic.......

Bridge:           C                      Bb            x4
        Well if Music is the Victim then so am I.......

Chorus:          F         Bb                      F
        of your bad fun, moneys all gone but you need some,
         Bb                          F
        lovers on the phone but you got none,
         Bb                       F
        daddy aint home from the dog run,
                   Bb                              F
        and your riding through the city with a shotgun.

Nice and easy.....

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