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/ The Cure / Boys Don't Cry (1980) / Fire In Cairo guitar tab


Fire In Cairo chords

Date: Fri, 14 Dec 90 09:47:04 EST
From: Mario Dorion - Sun Montreal 

Fire In Cairo

A        G    C          G             F
Slowly fading blue the eastern hollows
A           G   C             G           F
Catch the dying sun the night time follows


E        F           E      F
See your head in the fading light
    E           F         E          F
And through the dark your eyes shine bright
     A             G    C         G            F
They burn like the fire burn like fire in cairo


E                 F G
E                 F G
E                 F G
E                             F
And the heat disapear and the mirror fades away
ad lib.

Notes: This is not quite the studio version since that version would
not sound good without 2 guitars. This is, though, closer to the
version that has been played live in some of the prayer tour concerts.

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