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/ Tiamat / Judas Christ (2002) / Heaven of High guitar tab

Heaven Of High

       G D/F# Em/G

G            D/F#              Em     C

   While the rest of you are sleeping safe and sound

G             D/F#              Em
   I'm on the run, I'm on the wing

G             D/F#             Em        C
   Climb the selling when the walls are falling apart

G              D/F#           Em
   I'm the one to blame for everything

       C                           G
   A substitute for God, a sacred muse

        C                               G
   The hell with it, it's just a lame excuse

   D7                               G
   Everything I ever used I have abused

   C     G              D         Em
   All I live for is my heaven of high

   C     G                D        G
   I'll be there when the sun goes down

G            D/F#         Em       C
   Withered Jimsonweed, a night on bad speed

G                         D/F#           Em
   This purple haze works in mysterious ways

G               D/F#           Em    C
   Wait another day to wash my sins away

G                   D/F#        Em
   In another time, in another place

   (Music & Lyrics: Edlund)

trabscribed by carlos zarrazani from the bottom of the wrold
If someone interest in this tab find some error o mistake , plese let me know

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