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B. B. King

  Singin' the Blues (1956)

Singin' the Blues tabs
01. Three O'Clock Blues tab 
02. You Know I Love You
03. Woke up This Morning (My Baby's Gone)
04. You Upset Me Baby
05. Please Love Me
06. Blind Love
07. Every Day I Have the Blues tab 
08. Ten Long Years
09. Did You Ever Love a Woman
10. Sweet Little Angel
11. That Ain't the Way to Do It
12. Crying Won't Help You
13. Bad Luck

B.B.King albums
 1993Better Than Ever 
 1993Blues Summit 
 1992There Is Always One More Time 
 1988Six Silver Strings 
 1988King of Blues: 1989 
 1987Introducing B.B. King 
 1986Ambassador of the Blues 
 1985King of the Blues Guitar 
 1983Blues 'n' Jazz 
 1982Love Me Tender 
 1981There Must Be a Better World Somewhere 
 1979Take It Home 
 1978Midnight Believer 
 1977King Size 
 1975Lucille Talks Back 
 1973To Know You Is to Love You 
 1972L.A. Midnight 
 1972Guess Who 
 1971In London 
 1970The Incredible Soul of B.B. King 
 1970Indianola Mississippi Seeds 
 1969Completely Well 
 1968Blues on Top of Blues 
 1967The Jungle 
 1967Blues Is King 
 1966Turn on to B.B. King 
 1966The Soul of B.B. King 
 1965Boss of the Blues 
 1965Confessin' the Blues 
 1965Let Me Love You 
 1964Rock Me Baby 
 1963Mr. Blues 
 1962Easy Listening Blues 
 1962Blues in My Heart 
 1961My Kind of Blues 
 1960The Blues 
 1960Sings Spirituals 
 1960B.B. King Wails 
 1956Singin' the Blues